Greymount Studios

Corporate Photography, Design, and Printing in Delmar, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't you taking new clients?

We have reached the capacity of our available hours with our current client list. In order to best serve everyone, we have decided to focus on these clients' needs instead of spreading ourselves too thin and sacrificing our customer service or the quality of our work. Thank you for your understanding.

I can't find my reorder link, what do I do now?

Reordering is easy, even when you've misplaced your reorder link! To have your link resent to you, visit our "Reorders" page and enter your information. We will locate and resend your link as soon as possible so you can continue with your order.

How long will it take to receive my print order?

For a full list of print schedules per print item, please visit our "Printing Times" page.

What if I already have photos from another photographer?

That's great! If the photographer has given usage rights and/or copyright release for use of your images, we can use those for your project. In fact, we can work with clients around the world when they use a local source for their photography.

What is the cardstock of your business cards?

Greymount Studios insists on quality for every aspect of your business identity. Our business cards are printed on luxury 16-pt cardstock, and also feature silk lamination and spot gloss, free of charge.

How much is shipping for my items?

Standard shipping is FREE with all printed items! We also offer flat-rate rush shipping for $25 per order and flat-rate express shipping for $35 per order for the times when speed is your #1 priority.

What's the difference between an In-Studio Headshot and an Executive headshot?

In-studio headshots are done at our studio in Delmar, NY. They feature a white or off-white background, and are perfect for social media such as LinkedIn profiles and Facebook, company websites, and marketing materials such as business cards.

Executive headshots can be done either at our studio or on-location, whether it is at your office or an off-site location. They feature a natural setting background, either indoors or outdoors, and are perfect for press releases, book covers, and many website uses.

Does Greymount Studios offer retouching or editing of my photos?

Greymount Studios is a full-service photography studio, and light retouching is a complimentary service we offer all our clients. Our goal is to help you look fresh and put-together in a realistic manner.

As a note, some images cannot be altered due to legal reasons (political photography, sales images such as MLS listing of homes for sale, etc) beyond basic color correction.